Sunday, November 18, 2007


After spending the day fixing all the gaps in the moulding in the nursery Geoff discovered there are 2 kinds of caulking one that is paintable and one that is not - the hard way. He had to remove all the caulking today and clean everything up to accept new caulking. :-(

We did some testing with the furniture in the room and it looks like the room is too small for the change table dresser crib chair and shelf. So we will most likely get one of those change pads you can place on top of a dresser and pass on the change table.

I will try to take some pictures of the progress and post to the blog this week...

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Geoffrey Wiseman said...

Yeah, yet another point of new knowledge. Silicone caulking has very very low surface tension. Acrylic caulking (or siliconized acrylic caulking) has a higher surface tension.

That low surface tension is what makes silicone caulking moisture-resistant - water beads on it. So does paint.

Acrylic caulking is much messier - it's sticky and less firm, but it is paintable.

It's quite difficult to remove silicone caulking completely, shich makes it hard to get the acrylic caulking smooth.