Thursday, April 12, 2012


I think C Monster started showing interest in skateboarding around 18 month.  He had an old board that he found on the side of the road that gave up last summer.  We had been talking about getting him a board ever since so a few weeks ago off we went to Hogtown Extreme Sport and got him geared up.

We got him a helmet, pads and a mini board. The pads I have to are really nice. We had bought him some pads from sellers for about 20$ a few years ago and those look like junk compared to these. They are from Little Tricky and cost about $35. Worth every penny.

For those of you who do not know what a mini board is. The board is approximately 28x7.5" instead of approximately 32x8" everything else is the same as a regular board.  This makes them a much better size for little kids to handle and learn on.

The board he selected is by Golden Dragon this is a good starter board as it's pretty well made but is cost effective at right around 100$.

After only a few times out on the board we realized that getting him to place his feet above the trucks was going to be much easier if the screws were not the same colour as the grip tape, so we changed the screws to coloured ones he selected pink, orange, green and blue.

As I am writing this the C Monster is playing on his board right beside me while waiting for papa to be ready to bring him to the skate park. He seems to be really getting into this and we go out about 3 times a week right now if not more.

He has mastered getting on and off.  He has pretty good kick turns considering he is 4 and is currently working on learning how to push off with no assitance.

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