Friday, April 13, 2012


After reading a blog post on inhabitat about geocaching with kids I decided to try it out with C Monster.

I looked up a bit about how geocaching works as I did not want to break any rules on my first time out. I also checked out and signed up on the web site.

After that I downloaded the app for my iPhone. We were ready to go.

We started with a spot pretty close to our house to see what he thought about it. It was pretty neat, this little treasure hiding in an area I pass by every week.  C Monster loved it and asked if there were more treasures to find. I showed him the map in the geocaching app and off we were to destination #2.

We ended up staying out from 10am to 4pm and looked for 6 treasures and found 3. The picture to the right is of C Monster checking out the contents of the 3rd treasure.

We need to go a second time pretty soon because we ended up with a travel bug. This is a special item that travels from location to location.  But that's ok with both C Monster and me because he wanted to try to find one of his friends treasures.

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