Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Science Center

Earlier this month I purchased a membership to the Science Center; that being said we went today. As you can see from this visual journal Christophe had a great time.

Crazy sensor thing that made a picture of you - this is C Monster's face since he decided to stick his face to the camera.

Last time we were at the Science Center C Monster wanted to spend all his time with the hot air balloon - I am glad his obsession only lasted a few minutes today.

Thanks to one of my friends I have a new appreciation for this building.

Lunch and conversation - C monster says " oh oh spaghetti-o, juice and raisin "

Driving - well not really just turning a wheel. When C Monster first turned this wheel the freight elevator right next to us opened. It took me 20 minutes to convince him the wheel had nothing to do with it.

Found a quite spot to cuddle and relax.

My little scientist at work. The Science Center had a workshop for toddlers here C Monster is discovering what happens to corn starch when you add water.

- Now the day would be perfect if the giggling in his room would stop and the C Monster would so to sleep so his papa can watch the hockey game Canada vs Russia that currently sits at 7-3 Canada leads. -

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