Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Genius", Winners Find and Art (let's not forget Hockey)


This morning I had a long awaited appointment booked with the Apple Genius Bar. Ever since I have had my iPhone it's been glitchy - gets stuck in searching mode or just totally crashes on me. It took me forever - well actually 3 months to find a weekend that I could get away for the morning with C Monster and get my phone checked out. All I have to say is they are amazing. I waited a total of 5 minutes before the saw me and in about 10 minutes I left with a new iPhone. This is just another reason why "I am a MAC".

After my Genius appointment I took advantage of my me time to get some Starbucks and sit down and read. Right now I am reading Mothering Your Nursing Toddler - yup C Monster is still nursing and I am proud of it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is planning on nursing past 12 months; or who found themselves breastfeeding a toddler even-though they had not planned it. This book has helped me feel secure in my choices; gave me the courage to continue on those days that felt like C Monster only wanted to nurse and made me smile and laugh at great stories from other mothers just like me.


I used to be a huge fan of Winners for toys however that was before I decided that Melissa & Doug toys were being banished from my household. - Melissa & Doug have just had way too many recalls for me to bother with them. That being said if I find myself at Winners I always take a quick look at the toys just in case. Well this time it was well worth it as I found a great big pile of Discover Rigs by Sprig for 29.98 each. (these usually sell for around $65CND) We had money from my mother and father for a birthday gift for C Monster - so voila:

Thank you mom and Dad C Monster loooooves it.


As always as soon as 6pm hits C Monster is climbing the walls. To diffuse this little beast we did art tonight. One of my favorite ways to let him glue stuff is make a mixture 50% white glue and 50% paint; that way if he ends up not wanting to stick anything to the page their is still a painting. One of the drop in teachers gave me this idea and we have used it over and over again. Tonight we used lots of little bits of various fun things that last week we cut up together when Christophe was practicing his cutting skills.


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