Friday, February 26, 2010

Cupcakes and Snow

Cupcakes are iced decorated and ready for C Monster's birthday tomorrow...

See I told you - you wanted to check in to see them. If you want to make your own here is how:

eyes - mini m&m
nose - cinnamon heart
whiskers - liquorish
ears - sour grapefruits

eyes: mini m&m
nose: pink chocolate with white frosting
ears: wafer cookies cut in triangles

head piece: swedish berry cut in 4
eyes: m&m
nose: sour grapefruit with small slice cut out

eyes: mini m&m
nose: mini m&m
whiskers: chocolate sprinkles
ears: marshmallow cut in half diagonally then dipped in pink sugar crystals

Snow Snow Snow and More Snow

It's been snowing on and off now all week I love it. We barely had any snow this year and as C monster puts it "more sno". We made it out to play in the snow this afternoon; I really want to make an effort to get out with him everyday while the snow is still here and not too slushy because as fast as it came it will go even faster.

There are so many way C Monster can learn while playing in the snow:
  • we count snow balls
  • make snowmen
  • draw in the snow with sticks
  • experience the sensation of cold
  • talk about how snow sticks to some things and not to others
  • experience how ice is slippery
  • look at foot and had prints (or animal prints when we are really lucky)
The exercise you get is also insane, C Monster helps perfect is walking and running skills as everything is harder to do in a snowsuit.

I want to try an art activity with him this weekend - you take a spray bottle and fill it with food coloring and water (or paint and water); then you spray the snow outside with the colours. It's best if you can have a few bottles with a few different colours. It will make a great little piece of art and at the same time you can talk about colours with your toddler.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Those are so creative! Love the whiskers. I have got to try this some time. I bet she will love it.

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