Thursday, February 19, 2009

A refreshing change from all the plastic kids play with in the tub

This was suppose to be my Toy Thursday, but let's see it's Saturday now...

We just got a new tub toy for Christophe from North Star Toys - Busy Boat. Christophe seems to love it; as he can spend the majority of his bath trying to place the little men in and out of there spots. The craftsmanship from North Star toys is top notch. Before the boat arrived I was a bit skeptical that it would float; but it does ( the little men too ).

This is how North Star Toys describes there products: "Since 1979 our family has been making quality, non-toxic wooden toys at affordable prices for families like yours. Walnut, oak, alder and other fine woods are handcrafted into smooth, durable designs and rubbed with a non-toxic oil to allow the natural beauty to shine. Recycled materials are used whenever possible and top priority is given to environmental sustainability."

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