Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why wont you help me mommy

My son hates his car seat, however sometimes we need to travel by car.

Today we went to Rexdale and Brampton to pick up a few things and where I go, Christophe goes , because he is still nursing. This is how the trip went: 10 mins content but not happy in his seat. 30 mins crying and looking and reaching at me to pick him up while I sing Brother John over and over to him. 30 mins of screaming while his face is turning red.

Now we are at our first destination, we stop, I take him out of his car seat, he is happy. Once we are done, we get back in the car and the ordeal starts all over again, this time skipping step one, as he starts to cry as soon as he touches his seat.

We get to our second destination then get back in the car he is actually happy for the short 10 mins to our final destination. Now we need to get home, he starts to scream, he is red in the face, he has tears pouring down his cheeks. Nothing I do can help he falls asleep. I hope he understands that we put him in that horrible car seat because we love him.


Anonymous said...

Oh I remember that! My daughter hated her car seat he still in the infant one or have you moved to a rear facing convertible one? When we bought our Britax it helped a bit, she could see more and it wasn't as squishy. If you're already using one...I don't know what to say! Toys Toys Toys! Good Luck!

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

He's in a rear-facing convertible already. Doesn't seem to make much of a difference, still hates it. :/

Hoping that when we can turn it 'round and he can see the world go by, it'll be less of a problem.

That said, he's really independent, so it may just be that it's frustrated with being restrained for any length of time. He's not too fond of having to stay in his high chair for a whole meal either -- although he doesn't show quite the same hatred for it either.