Thursday, October 9, 2008

Toy Thursday

OK this on is not a toy per say but it was worth a mention...
Over a month ago now we picked up from With Child the Wisey Play Mat. This mat folds up into a bag, so you can easily bring your toys and play mat anywheres. I have yet to travel with it but the reason why we wanted this play mat was for easy clean up to keep the mat and toys away from our cats. So far so good we love it. I have a hook in my hallway and at the end of each play session we fold it up with the toys and all and hang it up. It helps keep my living room clean and I no longer find cats sleeping in Christophe's play mat. Approximate cost $50.

A little warning to moms with dare devil babies such as my Christophe, the mat has 3 little red straps on the inside to attache toys (we never use ours) Christophe discovered these a few weeks back and literally pulled the mat from under him sending himself flying and crashing. He did this twice and then decided it was no longer fun. Even with this mishap this is one of my favorite buys.

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