Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tasty Tuesday

For me tasty tuesday is al about Christophe and feeding him; in order to feed a baby in todays modern world you "need" gear so this entry and the next few weeks will be about gear.


there are thousands of bibs these days to chose from however and eco friendly parent or just an aware parent needs to ask themselves many questions:
  • Is it made out of natural fibers
  • Is it PVC free
  • Is it Vinyl free
  • Is it Phthalate free
  • Does it have ties (ties are a no no these days with kids as they can strangle themselves)
  • Can it be easily washed
  • Does it stain easily
  • Does it fit a long age rang (you do not want to be buying bibs every 6 months)
  • Does it have a pocket to ketch falling food
I am sure there are more questions to ask but this is all we could think of. We found a bib that answers almost all these criterias from Crocodile Creek. We have 2 of these an so far these are our favorite bibs, the only criteria from above that they do not meet is 100% natural fibers. They are made of cotton but have a non-toxic coating for easy cleaning.

Image from Crocodile Creek

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