Friday, October 10, 2008

Eco Friendly Fridays


Everyday your child under five consumes on average eight pesticides a day. You may not see an immediate reaction in your child but pesticides are know to have a cumulative effect, particularly in growing bodies and could cause health problems in the future. I will not explain all the negative effects they can have here but will share a few easy tips on how to avoid pesticides.
  1. Use non toxic pest control options at home.
  2. Wash and peel conventionally grown vegetables and fruits.
  3. Remove an discard the outer peel of conventionally grown leafy vegetables.
  4. Rotate foods so that you are not eating the same food every day. (different pesticides and amount of pesticides are used with different foods)
  5. Purchase organic foods when available
  6. Only purchase organic foods if you are consuming the peel or outer layer (i.e. berries, broccoli)
  7. If you have the space start your own organic garden
  8. When eating conventional grown foods stay away from the core of the fruit as pesticide then to accumulate near the seeds.
  9. Try to only purchase organic pre-packaged goods as it is impossible to confirm what parts of the vegetable and fruits were used and how they were washed.
  10. Only purchase organic dairy and meat products as conventional dairy and meat have a high percentage of pesticides.
Have a happy toxic free friday.

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