Saturday, September 27, 2008

First cold

It's official Christophe has his first of many colds. He has an extra runny nose and a pretty bad cough. No fever so far so we are happy with that.

We picked up this great humidifier from crane in the shape of a penguin; the mist seems to help with his cough. So far we have not given him anything for the cold as he has no fever but we picked up same infant Motrin just in case and also a nasal spray in case his congestion gets to the point were he is having a hard time breathing.

I have to say the little guy is a trouper he is still full of energy when he is awake; however he is probably napping a bit more then typically and when he get tired or frustrated he is a bit more irritable the typically.

We had a Wee Hands group today but decided to stay home and relax. We played a bit, read some books, watched 15 mins of a movie and fell asleep (this is probably the first time Christophe has been aloud to watch more then 2 minutes of TV), had a teething biscuit instead of his typical baby foods for lunch and supper (he already hates eating baby food I was not about to try feeding him when he is feeling under the weather).

I am off to bed as Christophe is sleeping in Geoff arm under the mister.


Zet-Girouard said...

Hope he feels better soon!

Pierrette said...


Last night I spent 2 hours sleeping sitting propped up on my bed so Christophe could sleep in my arms...

This morning his eye was weld shut with eye crispies.

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! The tinctures from Thompson's Homeopathic work very well for runny noses & colds. It is on Yonge & Bloor across from the Reference library. Also, if you find he needs something more for bed time, Dimetapp works very well. We have only used the one for nasal congestion so that it's not full of a whole bunch of stuff he doesn't need.
Take it easy & hope Christophe is feeling better really soon!