Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby sign language - have you tried it?

Since Christophe has been born we have been practicing signs with him, just recently he has started paying attention to them. I think he understands milk, cat and more. However on my side I am proud to say that I now know over 30 signs. To help us learn we bought 2 sets of sign cards: mocobabies and Signs and Smiles. The mocobabies cards are nicer looking but the Signs & Smiles cards are more functional. Each time we learn a new sign I mount the card up in our hallway so I can easily look at them for review. Geoff also ordered some books and a dvd about signing I will let him tell you guys about them.

Have any of you guys had success with baby signs?


Anonymous said...

My wife and I have signed with both our kids (4 year old son and 2 year old daughter). We looked at both products and absolutely loved the mocobabies flash cards. What we did not like about the signs and smiles cards was that they were photographs and we found the mocobabies illustrations more engaging to our kids (and us).

If you like putting the cards around the house you should check out their signing stickers. You can put them around the house and they don't ruin your walls. You can even move them around the house without damaging them. Anyways, signing was great for us. It's great to hear other people are having just as much success (AND FUN!) as us.



Kim said...

As you know, we were very successful signing with Sebastian. We didn't buy particular products though...I borrowed a few books/dvds from the library, used the ASL website as well as one set of cards "Signs & Smiles". We never showed/used the cards as Flashcards though with Sebastian...we just ensured that when we spoke to him we signed every time. He caught on pretty quickly.

Danielle said...

Eliza is selective with her signs. I sign to her a lot but she only signs back a few. It is FUN!

Smart Baby Sign Language said...

I love signing with my daughter. She was 5 months when I started, and we're still signing now that she's two. I'm guessing she knows at least 400 ASL signs.

We have a lot of fun with it. I like the mocobabies flash cards and stickers. I wasn't aware of them when my daughter was younger. I used Monta Briant's cards. I loved the engaging real photos. We also use Sign2Me because they have so many words.

My favorite way to learn signs is through Signing Time DVDs.