Friday, September 19, 2008

Eco Friendly Friday

Minimize the amount of plastic bags you use...

I will never get to zero plastic bags as I don't think I will ever go bag-less for the garbage and our green bin. However all other plastic bags can be permanently banished from my home.

The first and easiest step to get rid of plastic bags is get some cloth shopping bags. We chose envirosax they are very compact when folded and do not attract pet hair. That second one is very important to me as the typical cloth bags you can buy at grocery stores just getter cat hair like there us no tomorrow.

Now that you have cloth shopping bags you can take the next step and replace other plastic bags, below is a list of great products to think about:

Garden bags
: these are great to store leafy green vegetables in the fridge and actually prolongs there life. Just wash your greens and wrap them up in a cotton kitchen towel then pop in the bag. Voila you have salad green that are pre-washed and ready to eat.

Produce bags : these basically do not weight anything so they are great for buying produce at the grocery store, be warned do not use with string beans or peas as you will spend says picking them out of the mesh.

Trash bags: if you can buy biodegradable plastic garbage bags for your green bins and waste. If you can not get biodegradable bags make sure you buy plastic bags that are made from 100% post consumer recycle material.

Food Storage: Instead of grabbing a zip-lock bag use a glass or metal container in the long run this will save you money. We love the Glass Lock containers.

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