Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sleep is overrated

Well at lease Christophe thinks it is; I on the other hand quite enjoy sleep. Last night I swear the devil took over my child; well maybe not the devil cuz he was still his very cute self just an awake cute self from 11pm to midnight; then from 2:30am to 4am; then from 4:30am to 5am; then from 6:15am to well now.

That leaves 2 very tired parents.

I have to say thank god for my sling, when he was up last night and wanted to be bounced will I was standing half asleep otherwise I am sure we would have both ended up on the floor due to shear exhaustion.

He has been very gassy all morning but not producing so I am wondering if he has a tummy upset that kept him up...

Hopefully it will sort itself out before tonight as I NEED A "FULL" NIGHT OF SLEEP.

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