Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Hazards

This the season to be Merry; however there are all sorts of hazard from little ones that come with the holiday. How did we as parents deal with these?

One of the major hazard is the Christmas tree and I know first hand how dangerous this is. On my first Christmas is the day I learned how to crawl and I made a b line to the tree and ate a glass Christmas ball. To make sure the same thing does not happen to Christophe we installed the tree in an area of the house that Christophe can not get to on his own.

Other decorations can also pose a problem to we made sure that all decorations are out of Christophe reach and securely hung.

Christmast wrapping, you would not think this is dangerous but the ribbons and bows can cause havoc if swallowed, same goes for tinsel - all of these are banned from our house this year. I opted for natural fabric ribbons to add a bit of decoration to some presents.

The last thing you want is to give the gift of danger; so before you buy presents for your little one make sure they are age appropriate. Don't forget to remove all wires, hooks, ties and packaging before letting your little one play.

Also just cause you are hopping from the house to the car and then to another house over and over while visiting friends and family it is no reason to skip on bundling your little one. You may decide to skip the coat and hat but make sure you bundle up your kids always in the cold canadian weather. (Sometimes I envy our friends to the south but I don't think I would take the heat over the cold if it meant loosing the snow also - I just love a white Christmas).

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Zet-Girouard said...

in Winnipeg, skipping coats and skipants would probably be considered child abuse in my eyes!
tinsel is bad, I have banned it since Emma's first Christmas and have no intention on getting any more.