Friday, December 7, 2007

Why would you even think of cooking at night?

Last night started perfectly. I went to bed at 10:30pm, Geoff kissed me and baby goodnight. We put headphones on my belly so baby could listen to Mozart. Geoff went off to do a bit of work in the nursery before coming to bed... so I thought.

At about 1:30am or 2am don't really remember at this time. I wake up to a sweet and spicy smell. Geoff was cooking. Let me give you a bit o background: Geoff likes making his own lunches that involve meat. However he tends to cook them late at night. We had went through this same issue a little while back and he promised he would not cook in the middle of the night.

When I initially woke up, the smell not that bad -- last time he did this I thought I was going to puke, because the smell was so horrible so I tossed and turned for a half an hour but could not fall asleep. Now the late night tumble-effect kicks in...

I get heart burn at night but don't notice it cause I'm sleeping, my joints ache at night but I don't notice it because I am sleeping. It's all about getting to sleep before all of this kicks in; but after a half an hour of tossing I now need to go pee and that is the trigger for everything else. (See it had been 3 weeks I had successfully slept through the night).

So I crawl out of bed, make it to he washroom get woken up by the lights still on in the hallway. However I do notice the nice progress Geoff made with the home reno. I crawl back towards the bedroom, call out Geoff 4-5 times he is in the basement don't really want to go all the way down there. He comes up and says: I hopped it would not wake you up, well he was wrong and felt it for the next 2 - 3 hours with while he tried to get me back to sleep, ease my heartburn, rub my back, numb the pain in my joints...

I am still tired this morning and don't like what he did last night but love him dearly. He is a sweetie.

Hopefully he wont try this again and hopefully I wont be as sensitive to smells once baby is born.

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Geoffrey Wiseman said...

Well, I picked up the gr. beef for my meatballs at the Big Carrot on Monday; by last night, it was clear that I had to do it at night, or just toss it. I did the former.

I did open the window, to vent the aroma, but I guess that wasn't enough. Not my fault pregnant women have bloodhound noses.

But that's ok, we worked it out -- she got her revenge in making me 'fix' her, and then posting about it in the morning. ;)