Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

I can't say I don't wish I was out east today with my family but I have to say it was nice waking up in our comfy bed this morning and watching TV in bed with geoff while munching on a few chocolates from our stockings. Typically we would be in Moncton by now but as I started my third trimester today and there is controversy over flying when you are in your third trimester I decided to stay in Toronto for the Holidays. Better be safe then sorry. Like I tell everyone it's only 9 months of my life I can make sacrifices for baby. We are planning on opening our gifts tomorrow morning. (mostly sent to us via mail by my family - Thanks mom, dad, grandma and sis you help make the tree with all your presents :-) We will make sure to take lots of pictures to send back to my family.

Baby has been good he is getting more and more active, I typically feel him kick every hour if not even more often. This made me worry a few days back when I realized I did not fell him all day. I was probably just to busy and did not notice him, because as soon as I lied down to do a kick count he started moving about. My midwife said if i don't remember baby moving around I should have something sugary and citrus like orange juice and lie on my left side and count how frequently baby kicks. Supposedly sugar and citrus foods then to excite babies. Mine definitely like clementines but even more then that caramels... He is definitely enjoying his morning chocolates we had today as i think he must of kicked at lease 40 times since I started writing this.

Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope you all have a great time with family and friends over the next few days.

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