Thursday, December 6, 2007

Midwife visit

I am at the midwife clinic patiently waiting for the second half of my glucose test. They need to draw blood 3 times... seems a bit excessive for someone that hates needles. I started by fasting from midnight last night still have not had a bit to eat. When I got to the clinic Mehran (my secondary midwife) gave me by glucose drink. I tastes just like orange crush. Now I need to wait an hour before the next blood work test.

Mehran checked my fundus height, blood pressure and the baby's heart beat all is good. I got the baby's heart beat on a recorder since Geoff could not come with me this morning. Once I figure out how to post an audio file I will add it to the blog. It's amazing how fast Mehran found the heart beat this time. Last visit they had to chase around my belly to find something.

Blood test number 2 completed need to wait another hour, then the last test.

One of the things that happens at every midwife visit that I have not talked about yet is that you need to check your protein levels in your urine. This supposedly helps detect if I have a urinary track infection or a condition called pre-eclampsia. At every appointment i need to pee on a stick. Such excitement.

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