Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have to say this one took me by surprise.  When I purchased a box of reduced Weetabix the last person I pegged as eating them was C Monster.  Here he is enjoying Weetabix with vanilla yogurt and a little honey.  He also likes them with just a little milk.

I wanted to also take a minute to talk about cereal in general.  I am very particular about what cereal we buy in our house.  Our food is no longer 100% organic that is a decision we had to make when we decided to purchase a bigger house.  Bigger house = bigger mortgage = cutting cost in various locations.  However we do not buy food that is full of additives and chemicals.  So what do I look for in a cereal?
  1. Sugar content must be 6g or bellow; ideally between 0g and 4g
  2. It can not contain any preservatives or ingredients that one would not find in a well stocked kitchen pantry
  3. It is on sale. As cereal is a treat in our house we only buy it when it is on sale. 
If have to say once you follow all these rules there is not much left out there one can buy; so I was delighted when C Monster decided that he LOVED Weetabix.

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