Saturday, December 10, 2011


The EWG has recently reviewed 84 popular brands of cereal in the United States and found out that many of them have more than 25% sugar per weight and some reaching 50% of weight being sugar.  I mentioned the United States because sometimes a product sold in Canada does not have the same ingredients as the one sold in the United States. That being said I am pretty certain that this list is still worrisome for Canadians and Fruits Loops are a dessert not breakfast.

Since the C Monster only eats Rice Crispies and Cheerios on a regular basis, I decided to look up the cereals I grew up on...
(Keep in mind a Twinkies has aprox. 42% sugar per weight and 4 chip ahoy cookies have aprox. 32% of sugar per weight.)

Fruit Loops - sugar per weight 41.4%
Honey Combs - sugar per weight 31.3%
Shreddies - sugar per weight 16%
Rice Crispies - sugar per weight 12.1%
Cheerios - sugar per weight 3.6%
Count Chocula - sugar per weight 37%

I have to say I was surprised by Rice Crispies I thought they would have been similar to Cheerios; I guess I need to read labels a bit more carefully.

If you want to do the math yourself it's easy : 
g of sugar in serving  / g of serving x 100 = %

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