Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cookbook Cleaning

Life has been busy during the last few weeks but in all the craziness of doctor appointments, dentist visits, playdates, classes and mama getting a tattoo. I decided to start cleaning my cookbook stash.  I will choose one cookbook at a time a work my way threw it trying a variety of recipes. The first book I am working with is "Company's Coming Meatless Cooking".  

I bough this book about a year ago thinking that it would be nice to have some recipes to make homemade veggie burgers and sausages; however was highly disappointed when I realized how many of the recipes include cream of mushroom soup or condense tomato soup. - Ingredients we never use in our house. That being said we have had a few great recipes from this book like "Dhal" and "Chessy Nut Bake".

I also found a few recipes that once altered a bit were a hit with C Monster.
So all in all I don't think I would recommend this cookbook and will probably not keep mine; just copy the recipes I like.

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