Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Whats for supper

Summery Bean and Zucchini Salad

½ pound fresh green beans

1 zucchini

¾ cup extra-virgin olive oil

½ cup fresh mint leaves*

¼ cup white wine vinegar

½ tsp salt

1 clove garlic

¼ tsp ground black pepper

1 cup toasted walnuts*

1 cup chopped red onion

1 cup feta cheese* (crumbled)

Wash beans and trim ends then cut into thirds. Parboil by dropping into salted boiling water for 2 - 5 minutes. Drain and plunge into ice water for 5 minutes, then drain well and chill. Meanwhile, cut zucchini into ¼” semi-circles, fry or grill until crisp tender. Allow to cool. In food processor, combine oil, mint leaves, vinegar, salt, garlic and pepper and process 20 seconds then set aside.

Place beans and zucchini in a serving bowl and top with toasted walnuts, red onion and feta. Pour dressing over salad and toss. Best if made 2 hours ahead of time or the day before to develop flavors.

*Don’t have mint, walnuts or feta? Any herb, nut and cheese combination would work – Try: pine nuts, basil and parmesan; or almonds, parsley and a shaved hard cheese.

Recipe from Front Door Organics