Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Toys Talk in Toronto

On Monday I gave a talk about non-toxic toys here in Toronto at Red Tent Sisters. For the talk I prepared a hand out that I though some of you would be interested in so here is a web version:


Exclusively make non-toxic toys

Automoblox -
Dwell Baby -
Educo (HaPe) -
Rich Frog -
Selecta Spielzeug -

Makes some non-toxic or eco friendly toys

Brio -
Djeco -
Heros -
Haba -
Melissa and Doug -
Vulli -

Exclusively make non-toxic eco friendly toys

Anamalz (HaPe) -
Bamboo (HaPe) -
Blabla -
Didoodle - (Made in Canada)
Ecotronic -
Green Toys -
Grimm’s Speil und Holz -
ImagiPLAY -
Jalu Wood Creations - (Made in Canada)
Keptin jr -
Lana organics
miYim -
Noonoo -
North Star Toys -
Peppa - www.babylonia
Plan Toys -
Sprig -
The Playful World -
Under the Nile -
Wonderworld -

Where to shop
The shops below consist of a list of my favorite stores in Toronto or on the web; there are many other store that carry non-toxic toys and eco toys; the list would be too long if I included them all. I do not work for any of these stores nor did I receive anything for mentioning them.

Internet Shopping

Ape 2 Zebra - - great selection
Baby Guru - - good selection
Bear Dance - - great selection of non-toxic toys
Cheeky Monkey - - good selection
Craftsbury Kids - - great selection
Etsy - - great selection of hand made toys
Green Cricket - - small selection but all are non-toxic and eco
Kai Kids - - small selection but all are eco friendly and non-toxic
Safety Super Store - - good selection
Natural Pod - - exclusively sells eco-friendly and non-toxic toys, great selection

In Person

Baby on the Hip, 969 Queen St. E., 416-465-4141 - small selection but al are non-toxic and eco-friendly -
Craig’s List - great selection of second hand toys -
Grassroots, 372 Danforth Ave, 416-466-2841 - small selection but all are non-toxic and eco-friendly -
Kids on the Hip, 1142 Queen St. E., 416-466-1117 - small selection but al are non-toxic and eco-friendly
Lapin Calin, 1918A Queen St. E., 416-690-1918 - small selection but al are non-toxic and/or eco-friendly -
Mastermind Beaches, 2134 Queen St. E, 416-699-3797 - good selection Toys “R” Us - limited selection -
Planet Kid, 960 Queen St. W, 416-537-9233 - All toys are non-toxic and made in Canada -
Scholars Choice, 1599 Bayview Ave., 416-485-8697 - good selection in store, great selection in catalogue -
Ten Thousand Villages - - small selection but all are eco friendly and fair trade
Treasure Island Toys, 581 Danforth Ave., 416-778-4913 - great selection & custom orders available
Value Village, 924 Queen Street E., 416-778-4818 & 2119 Danforth Ave., (416) 698-0621 - great selection of second hand toys
Paint Depot, 914 Queen St. E, 416-469-5633 - carries lead paint test kits -

Just because it’s for kids it does not mean it’s safe in many toys available on the Canadian market you can find one or multiple of these:
Lead Bromine ( Fire retardant) Chlorine (PVC) & Phthalates Cadmium Arsenic Mercury Antimony Chromium Tin Bisphenol A

Internet Resources - Online database of toys tested for various chemicals - Environmental Working Group has been at the forefront of many actions to ban various chemicals in the US - Online database of green enterprise in the Toronto area - Tones of resources for raising your child green, Green Mom also has a trade show once a year in Toronto. - Canadian recalls - USA recalls - European recalls - Australian recalls - List of recalls from around the world


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