Monday, January 9, 2012


In the last month or so, we've both moved and has Christmas at the new house. With all the moving boxes around and a gift-giving opportunity coming up, I thought it would be a good time to get Christophe some Box Rivets:

They're pretty easy to use -- just take two halves, rotate them so that they're 90-degrees off-axis from one another, and push closed. It takes a good amount of force to close, but that also means that they won't pop open on you easily once assembled, which is important.

I was imagining that we might build a fort or castle, but I started talking it out with Christophe and it became clear that he wanted a space ship. So he and I and Pierrette built a large spaceship out of moving boxes and box rivets:

There's a long central axis with a side passage and some larger spaces on both ends, as well as a few doors and a 'shooter' tube:

The central tunnel is fairly long:

The side passage has a larger space with coloured transparent skylights and a pop-open access point:

He seems to like it -- now he wants to invite friends over to play in it with him.  So, if you find yourself moving, or otherwise in possession of a lot of cardboard boxes, I can happily recommend box rivets as a way to put those boxes together into a fort.


Kim said...

Very neat. We have had a "space ship" now for the past 3 years and it's amazing how much use it gets. It's awesome how such simple things make the very best of toys.

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

I'm guessing that despite the size of the new place, this space ship won't be something that last three years -- it pretty much takes an entire room, and I'm not sure that's something we want to live with long-term. :)