Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Summer in Photos

It's been a busy summer for us all.  "C" attended his first wedding for the parents of his friend "Z":

Christophe and Zoë

We took advantage of the warmer weather to get out to Riverdale Farm:


And the Science Centre:

Afternoon at the Science Centre

And to Monarch Park:


And within the past month or so, "C" has clearly shown that he understands that he speaks two languages.  He still emphasizes English a little more than we'd like, but he does at least know that we speak French and English, and knows equivalent words in both languages.

I Like This Book

That last photo is, of course, not current, but it was processed recently, and it's cute.

I hope you all had wonderful summers as well.



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OptimumMom said...

Great photos! I especially appreciate the one with "C" eating Mr. Brown can Moo - the background is is nice and blurred with the light just flooding "C"'s back. Nice job.