Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's my birthday

Just wanted to say a big thank you to my husband for everything he did to make my day special.

And to C Monster "thank you" for not napping today ;-)

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Holly said...

Happy Birthday!

I have a question for you, I used to follow your blog awhile ago and I really enjoyed your information regarding vaccines. You even had a link on the side bar of your vaccine schedule and there were many links you posted about the choices you made...I was wondering if you could publish that again, I have tried to go through your blog and find it but it's not that easy to do!

Thanks so much!

Pierrette said...

I am so sorry for the extreme late response to this; but I took a blogging hiatus for the summer.

The reason the schedule is down is that we realized once you start delaying vaccines it's not as simple as a new schedule.

Some vaccines change once your child hits 2; one that he needed before he was 2 is now no longer the same vaccine or sometimes when he needed 2 boosters of a vaccines as an infant once he is 2 or older he only needs one dose.

What we are doing in a nut shell is 3 vaccination or boosters per year (min of 3 months apart for each)until he is all caught up. If he has been sick we don't go in and I wait till he has had no symptoms of any kind of cold for at least one week before he gets shot.

We have opted not to give him any flue shots and we are also not giving him the chicken pox vaccine. Once he is 7 if he still has not had the chicken pox we will have him tested to see if he is immune to it and if he is not he will then get the vaccination.

As to what vaccination we give him and in what order; we informed our doctor that we only want to give him 3 vaccinations a year; and that we want to delay the MMR until he is more then 3 years old. Other then that we let our family doctor recommend what 3 vaccinations C Monster should get every year.

Holly said...

Please don't apologize for the delay...I don't blame you for taking a hiatus!

Thanks for sharing that information, I really appreciate it. I've tried so hard to do some research but I don't seem to have much luck, do you have links you could share? My pediatrician pretty much hates me now that I have decided to delay vaccines...I have three and with my first two I didn't give it a it bothers me, even though my others were fine. My third responds in a way my older ones never did...she even gets a huge red welt on her arm for 24+ hours after. She has had her first 3 vaccines and she is 20 months...I'm not doing any more awhile. Unfortunately my ped., is pretty nasty to me about it so I can't get much help from her. I'd really appreciate if you could share some links or book titles if you have.

Thanks again for sharing this information, it's greatly appreciated!

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

Our doctor is pretty good at respecting our decisions; we've met a lot of people who aren't as lucky.