Friday, July 24, 2009

Ikea Redhook says no to public breastfeeding

Sarah and Sasha were banished to a washroom after atempting to nurse at Ikea in Redhook. Sarah wrote the following story on a message board:

"On Wednesday I was in Ikea Redhook in the middle of breastfeeding, fully covered, when I was told I had to stop doing "that" and go to the nearby family bathroom. The Ikea employee and security guards were extremely rude to us. I was hustled off to the bathroom and then had to wait because someone else was using it. I was humiliated, my daughter was upset from being interrupted in the middle of her feed. When eventually I gave up and headed for the car to finish feeding, the security guards who had seen the entire event insisted on checking my receipts. I'm putting together a formal complaint to IKEA. I was wondering if
this has happened to anyone else?"

Just another reason why I dont like Ikea right now.

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Neigenuage said...

Oh, man! That's disgusting. It reminds me of a story of when my midwife was feeding her infant while watching her two older kids in the YMCA pool. The life-guard and lifeguard manager both told her she couldn't breastfeed in public. She lauched a complaint on the YMCA, and good for Sarah for issuing the complaint against Ikea - now that's a good idea. Breastfeeding is not obscene; it's natural... unfortunately, how natural is our world these days?